Here I post the English Translation of the beautiful Stotram, Bhavanyashtakam. This was written and blessed by Adi Shankara. Please find the musical version of the Original Sanskrit Shlokas (Hymns) of this stotram on the below link... Neither father nor mother, neither relative nor donor, neither son nor daughter, neither servants nor husband, neither lineage …

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Navaratri ~ A Shaivite Perspective

What is Navaratri? Predominantly known as the nine nights dedicated to Goddess worship reminiscing the Goddess's war to restore peace, prosperity and dharma. Navaratri celebrations are commonly known to be found in Myths (Purana) where the whole war and demons are described elaborately. However, Navaratri celebrations are mentioned in scriptures (Shaivagama) which are dated far …

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