Our Values

Niti Shatakam by Bhatruhari states, ‘Vishasya Oushadham Mantram’ which means “mantras are medicine for poison”. So, it is possible – Sounds heal Physical Ailments as well as Emotional Ailments.It operates in the same powerful manner both at physical and metaphysical level.

Rituals are not ‘mere worship’ but a way of Life. Every action of ours was considered a ritual and was performed with utmost Shraddha, devotion and concentration.

Vedas and Shastras (Shruti and Smriti) are the foundation for our invaluable culture and tradition. To restore mental peace and obtain maximum benefit in all aspects of life, rituals were and are the most powerful way.

Many scriptures have been bestowed upon us with detailed explanations to resolve specific problems. Unfortunately, we miss the essential tool to make this happen, which is ‘Belief’.