Realize the Divine Control on your Life – Its Freedom!​

When I look around me there is constant conflict amongst people to control what they can do and what others can do to them.

How and why does any human even believe that they can control?

I remember growing up reading legendary warriors like Lord Rama performing Ashwamedha Yagna to establish control and extent of his expanded empire.

Interesting even God in the act of his human incarnation taught control. .well that’s a pun intended. .the purpose in the above fable was purely well being of his people.
Today the quality type remains, however people want to control to make things work in his benefit. .it’s self imposed for self fulfilment of his desires.

There arises the conflict, as his co partners have the same agenda. It’s ironical, however that’s Real and the cause of an existence where there is No Love.

I have been through such dark feelings had fun had pain too.

What’s the formula to sustain fun?

-Release the sense of control
-Incorporate the control on self
-Work on residing to love the self that I am and yes that’s resigning to the powerful divine ..whatever you name it.

What’s the easy method ?

Pray and offer your self to the powerful divine. such way is to perform rituals  and chant the sounds that carry you to that space of fulfilment and control.

Control self control the divine…that’s you !


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